What happens when you bite a fish in half?

Korean fish-shaped ice cream sandwich. Wafers with ice cream and red bean paste filling.

Well, if the fish is actually a Korean fish-shaped ice cream sandwich…

Korean fish-shaped ice cream sandwich. Wafers with ice cream and red bean paste filling.

You get wafers with ice cream and red bean paste filling. Delicious!

  • madgwenny

    Hi, Connie!

    Thanks for featuring this, too. When I first tasted this ice cream sandwich, it evoked happy thoughts from childhood when “once in a blue moon” my mom bought me the rectangular-shaped ice cream sandwich as a treat for being her assistant (she was a dressmaker) then.

    • http://casaveneracion.com/ Connie Veneracion

      I remember those — Magnolia, right?

  • madgwenny

    yes, Magnolia — and there used to be Choco-Vim, too.

    • http://casaveneracion.com/ Connie Veneracion

      Ooooh, yes, Choco-Vim. My first choice over Magnolia Chocolait when I was in pre-school. :D

      • AJ

        hi. pls be kind and tell me where to get those ice cream sandwich fish…plleeeeasseee.

  • madgwenny

    btw, love the new look of your page :D

    • http://u8mypinkcookies.blogspot.com u8mypinkcookies

      That’s my fave– Samanco! I recently tried Encho and Cledor ice cream and they’re so yummy!! of course, Melona is a staple fave too :)

  • Charo

    This reminds me of Presto funwich during the 90′s. It’s 2 large choco cookies with chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream sandwich. I miss those days when life were just simple and pure pleasure. :)

    • madgwenny

      @AJ — you can find them in any Korean grocery store like “Arirang”.

  • Marty G.

    Oh I love this ice cream! They’re awesome! There’s this Korean store here in BGC (walking distance from our office building). We always go there after lunch and I always buy the same thing which is wafer-covered ice cream!

  • mars

    same thing with SG’s $1 ice cream. a big block of ice cream (flavor of your choice) sandwiched in wafer.. the best! considering it as a street food in SG since it is being sold in push cart along the street.