How I salvaged my failed pommes Anna by making a soup

Potato and bacon soup with croutons and cream

Pommes Anna. Classic French potato dish. I saw Laura Calder make her version on her cooking show, I reproduced it at home and it didn’t turn out well. The potatoes were still underdone after I took them out of the oven. Perhaps, I used the wrong potato variety. Perhaps, the baking pan should have stayed in the oven a little longer. Perhaps… Well, the not-too-good result could have been due to some other thing or a dozen other things. I didn’t really care at that point.

What I did care about was not letting the potatoes go to waste. All that cream, all that butter, all those wonderful herbs. So, I made a soup out of the baked potatoes. And the soup was so good it didn’t taste nor look anything like the result of a salvage operation.

How did I make the soup?

Okay, the following is not the usual recipe format. I mean, I could hardly list “failed pommes Anna” among the ingredients. That’s like saying make pommes Anna first, make sure it doesn’t turn out well and then make it into a soup. Oh boy, that sounds even worse than a failed dish. So, this is really just a recap of what I did with the failed pommes Anna. If you want soup recipes using pureed potatoes, check out the list at the end of this post.

First, I cut some bacon into thin strips. I pan fried them until crisp then set them aside. Then, in the bacon fat, I tossed in bread cubes. The bacon wasn’t too fatty so I had to add olive oil. I sprinkled the bread with a little salt and cooked them until crisp. Croutons.

I heated homemade broth in a pot and threw in the pommes Anna gone wrong. When heated through, I poured everything into the blender and made a puree. I poured the puree back into the pot, adjusted the seasonings and simmered it until thick.

Potato and bacon soup with croutons and cream

I ladled the soup into bowls, I topped the bowls of soup with bacon and croutons and, as a finishing touch, some chopped parsley and a drizzle of cream.

And there it is. My potato and bacon soup with croutons and cream.

In the archive, soup recipes with pureed potatoes:

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  • A

    I’ve tried making Pommes Anna before using local potatoes (which are waxy, and thus perfect for baking and quiche), so I can vouch from experience that local potatoes are perfect for the recipe.

    Did you use a mandolin to cut paper-thin (as in almost transluscent) slices? Or perhaps you could microwave the potatoes in the dish before baking.

    Sorry to sound nosy, I just wanted to help ;-)

    • A

      Or perhaps you can par-boil the potatoes or heat up the cream. I hope you try the dish again, potatoes and cream are just too good to be ignored! (We’d all love to read a follow-up to this post, where you say that you’ve tweaked/succeeded with the dish :p)

      • Connie Veneracion

        Yep, perhaps parboiling would have done the trick instead of baking longer. Like when making gratin. The cream had curdled already while baking the the potatoes still weren’t done.