Easy grilled cheese pasta topping

One of the most popular posts in my recipe blog is the baked macaroni. With its rich and creamy cheese topping, it's a real crowd pleaser. But cooking baked macaroni is a rather involved process -- something that my daughters will ask me to do but not do themselves as the … [Read more...]


How I reheat meat stews

A lot of people consider stew as a cold weather dish, something substantial and eaten steaming hot to warm the body but, for me, a stew doesn't require cold weather at all. I cook stew whenever I get the craving and, the thicker the sauce and the more colorful the assortment … [Read more...]


What to do with leftover lasagna noodles

Newbie cooks are notoriously fearful of making mistakes in the kitchen. I know I was when I was just starting to learn because my mother was always breathing down my neck about the cost of food and how mistakes often meant waste. Good thing that, with a lot of encouragement … [Read more...]


How to prevent skin from forming on custard

Many liquids, when left undisturbed, form a skin on the surface. This is true with cans of paint, with meat broth, gravies, milk, custards... And that's just a short list. Why a skin forms varies. With meat broth, for instance, the fat rises to the top and, as it cools, it … [Read more...]


An eggs and sausages breakfast tip

One of my favorite breakfasts -- eggs and sausages. Well-browned spicy sausages and fried eggs, sunny side up, to be more accurate. Spicy sausages? Yes, garlicky and hot, if available. Not canned Vienna sausages nor hotdogs, definitely, but real sausages. The Italian and … [Read more...]


Are mushroom stems edible?

Generally, yes, mushroom stems are edible. Not that I've had the pleasure of trying all edible mushrooms but, among those that I've tried including the ubiquitous button mushrooms (white and brown), oyster mushrooms, bunashimeji, portobello, straw mushrooms, Eryngii, abalone … [Read more...]


Getting creative with empanada fillings

The last time I wrote about empanadas, I was trying to decide which I liked better -- baked or fried. I'm not sure if I've decided. Sometimes, I like them baked; other times, I crave for fried empanadas. But whether baked or fried, I like my empanadas to have tasty filling … [Read more...]


How to make crispy quesadillas in a frying pan

We love quesadilla at home. My daughters, especially. We like the tortillas crispy and the cheese melted and gooey. I've tried a couple of techniques to achieve that oh-so-perfect texture. One is to fill and fold the tortillas, arrange them on a baking tray and put the tray … [Read more...]