What is a fish basket and how is it used?

How a fish basket is used depends on what kind of fish basket one has. There is a floating fish basketfor fishing, and it has hinges and trap doors. I don't fish, I've never used one but I tried to search the web for information on how it is used. What I found was pretty … [Read more...]


Caring for cast iron pans

If you've cooked with a cast iron pan, you will probably agree that it is a wonder of wonders among cooking pans. The heat retention is superb, the heat distribution is uniform, it can go from stove top to oven, it can withstand extremely high temperatures and it can last a … [Read more...]


Microwave rice cooker

Over the past weeks, Speedy and I, together with my brother and his wife, have been spending time in my mother's house going through... well, everything. The work is so overwhelming, just looking at the amount of stuff in the house makes me feel like collapsing in the heat … [Read more...]


Replacing the pressure cooker’s rubber sealing ring

With the never ending fuel price hikes and the concomitant rise in the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), we've been trying to find ways to cut down on our consumption. While I still love to bake, when there's just Speedy and myself at home and baking a whole bunch of … [Read more...]


Food bag clips

Whenever we'd open a bag of food stuff and we couldn't use or eat all of the contents, we'd keep the excess fresh by transferring it into either a resealable bag or a plastic container with a tight lid.Good quality resealable bags are not inexpensive and, although they … [Read more...]


Very sharp Christmas gifts

It was while watching the first season of Junior Masterchef Australia that my family was introduced to ceramic knives. The bright colorful handles fascinated us and I was intrigued at the idea of blades that will never ever rust. The day we bought the silicone mini-tube pans … [Read more...]


The pops that became stuffed cookies

Pops are cakes or cookies on sticks. You've probably seen them in bake shops and candy stores. They are very popular gift items especially during Valentine's Day. You know, heart shaped cookies covered in red frosting with piped text that say a dozen different messages. … [Read more...]


A spider is a good thing to have in the kitchen

I'm not talking about the insect. I don't like insects in my kitchen, spider or otherwise. I'm talking about the cooking utensil that you've probably seen before in Chinese restaurants but might not know what it's called.A spider is a kind of strainer with a long handle. … [Read more...]


Baking pans: Going silicone all the way

When I bought my first silicone cake pan years ago, I swore I'd never buy another metal pan. But I couldn't stick to my word. At the time, silicone pans came in the usual round shapes and they were very expensive.Not anymore.These days, silicone pans come in many … [Read more...]