What is a fish basket and how is it used?


How a fish basket is used depends on what kind of fish basket one has. There is a floating fish basketfor fishing, and it has hinges and trap doors. I don't fish, I've never used one but I tried to search the web for information on how it is used. What I found was pretty confusing. I'm not sure if the basket is thrown into the water to catch fish or whether the fish that … [Read more...]

How I grill my burgers


I've watched a lot of people grill meat and I must say that grilling techniques vary from one cook to the next. This is how I do it.1. I heat the grill first. Whether it's the stove top grill or a charcoal grill, I find it essential that the grill be very, very hot before I place the meat on the rack. Why? Because if the grill is not hot enough, the meat will just … [Read more...]

How to prevent eggplants from sticking on the grill


My daughter, Sam, loves eggplants -- baked, braised, with eggs, in stir fried dishes, combined with other vegetables, in soups... The girls are home for the weekend and before we picked them up this afternoon, Speedy and I passed by the supermarket. There were bags and bags of gorgeous eggplants -- over a foot long, over two inches thick and the skins a glistening purple. … [Read more...]

Home grilled pork barbecue


Because they are available on almost every street corner and even in neighborhood stalls, barbecue is both popular and common. But when prepared and grilled in one's own backyard, it transcends commonality and becomes a special occasion dish. Perhaps, it's the amount of work involved -- the cutting of the meat to the ideal thickness, the long hours of marinating, the … [Read more...]

The perfect barbecue sauce / marinade (is not available in your local grocery)


The photo above is the braised pork spare ribs we had for dinner on Sunday evening. To braise means to cook in very little liquid. It is my ideal alternative to marinating and grilling or roasting. When I don't have to time to marinate meat overnight in the fridge, I prefer to simmer it in marinade. With a few tricks, the texture of the cooked dish can be comparable to … [Read more...]