How I transformed a vegetarian pasta into a meaty dish


Last weekend, I cooked a pasta dish which I hoped would satisfy Sam's vegetarian requirements and Alex's carnivorous diet. I chopped a lot of vegetables, sauteed them in a mixture of butter and olive oil, added herbs, seasoned them well, and then I simmered everything slowly until the vegetables were soft and the sauce was chunky.It was a delicious vegetarian sauce, … [Read more...]

It’s French onion soup but with so much more


The secret to a good French onion soup is the long slow cooking of the onions. You slice them then you cook them in butter at a low heat until the onions are really soft and just beginning to caramelize. That's what gives French onion soup its incomparable flavor.This soup starts with something like that. Onion, thinly sliced, cooked long and slow in butter until … [Read more...]

From fried rice to lo mein: what to do when day-old rice goes bad


Crazy night. I wanted to make a simple lasagne dish with pesto and white sauce, Speedy said we still had leftover rice in the fridge so, not wanting to cook something new before we had consumed leftovers, I decided to make fried rice instead.The insanity started while cooking the pork. I've gotten into the habit of cooking meat in bulk, dividing into portions, cutting … [Read more...]

How I salvaged my failed pommes Anna by making a soup

Potato and bacon soup with croutons and cream

Pommes Anna. Classic French potato dish. I saw Laura Calder make her version on her cooking show, I reproduced it at home and it didn't turn out well. The potatoes were still underdone after I took them out of the oven. Perhaps, I used the wrong potato variety. Perhaps, the baking pan should have stayed in the oven a little longer. Perhaps... Well, the not-too-good result … [Read more...]

What to do with failed napoleones? Make sugar-glazed tea biscuits


That day we had lunch at The Vegetarian Kitchen, we were chatting with one of the owners, Tita, and she mentioned the food in this blog and how everything looks great. Speedy and I felt there was an implication that everything I cook is always a success. We told her that isn't the case. I've had my share of failed dishes too and some were outright disasters.For … [Read more...]

How to survive kitchen disasters


Don't think that just because you can cook, you're immune from kitchen disasters. I've been cooking since the fourth grade and I still make mistakes. Sometimes, the mistake isn't even exactly my fault. For instance? We use a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) powered Elba oven. On the average, a tank of LPG lasts five weeks in our house. But there were times when we did more … [Read more...]

The pops that became stuffed cookies


Pops are cakes or cookies on sticks. You've probably seen them in bake shops and candy stores. They are very popular gift items especially during Valentine's Day. You know, heart shaped cookies covered in red frosting with piped text that say a dozen different messages. They're fun to eat but it's even more fun to make them. Children will especially enjoy the activity … [Read more...]