About bread flour

A couple of weeks ago, we bought two kilos of bread flour in a baking supply store along Sucat Road in Parañaque. PhP45.00 per kilo, quality was good and the two kilos were used up in less than a week.We replenished our supply but, this time, we bought from the … [Read more...]


Colored sugar cystals

If you like yema balls and you want to give away boxes of them for Christmas gifts, you can turn plain yema balls into festive eye candy in two ways.1. Add a few drops of food color and flavor extracts (like pandan and melon); or2. Roll the yema balls in colored … [Read more...]


Baking, Crisco and Splenda

UPDATE on June 24, 2008: We no longer use Splenda. Click here for the details.This is not an ad for Crisco or Splenda. It hurts that I have to buy them. It hurts even more that I am writing about them. They are screaming Artificial!!! right at my face but it's … [Read more...]


Cocoa powder

Although Ghirardelli is far better, it isn't as widely available and it's really too expensive. I grew up with Hershey's cocoa -- not for baking, mind you, because no one baked in my family, but as a breakfast beverage. When I started taking an interest in baking, I chose … [Read more...]


Cornmeal, finally!

It's something I've been searching for for the longest time. I knew it was essential for baking real corn muffins but imported food items, especially those that are not all that popular in the Philippines, are not always easy to find. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I was … [Read more...]